Sunday, July 7, 2013

...but here I am

I never thought I would end with a doctor...

...but here I am.

Honestly, I never thought I would end up with anyone at all. Even at 18, my best friend and I would joke that at 30, 40, even 50 I probably wouldn't be married. I might have a long-term boyfriend or escort, but I would be married to my job. Not only were we wrong, but ridiculously so.

Here I am at 26, engaged to a man I've been with for over 7 years. Although we started out as friends, when I finally allowed myself to fall, I fell fast. I always thought it would last beyond college, but we made it through four years of physical separation, graduate school, and medical school relatively unscathed.

Even after all we've been through and all we've weathered, I can still stay with total honestly that I am still surprised on a daily basis by how our story worked out. When I met Dr. nearly 8 years ago on our first day of college, I never imagined he'd end up my husband. Months later we were best friends, but I was in a relationship. A month after that ended, I realized I was interested in him. I took him another two months to finally man up and ask me out. We were a month from summer and an 1,800 mile separation. I truly didn't expect it to last: I was certain one of us was going to give up. But I knew it wasn't going to be me.

Despite our 7 year long courtship, I feel like we are now moving into one of the craziest years of our life together. We're planning a wedding from afar; trying to merge two families, finances, and possessions; I'm job searching and preparing to move from a city I love.

On top of all of this Dr. is starting his residency. As his soon-to-be wife and as someone who has been with him through college, applications, med school, the match process, and now his first "big boy" job, this is momentous - and trying - for me as well. I know there are many other women and men out there in my position, so this blog is my attempt to relate and hopefully find some support.

So here I am!

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