Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dr. is coming this weekend

Dr. is coming to visit this weekend. It's only the second full weekend off he's had since he started residency a month and a half ago and I am so excited to see him. Granted, he'll be tired from a stressful work week and will sleep in pretty late while I'm up at 6:00am. He'll bring tons of laundry with him that I'll spend the better part of Sunday morning doing. He'll need to do some studying throughout the weekend too.

But I can't wait.

Over the past four years of separation, I've learned that I simply love being in his presence. I'm sure many of you are thinking, "Just wait until you're married...then you'll be eating your words and begging for alone time!" Maybe. But for right now, while I'm desperate for a normal life in which I see him everyday, let me enjoy my moments sipping my morning coffee and waiting for him to wake up, just ecstatic that he's even here.

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